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Expanded Peacock

The world is calling forward new kinds of leaders

. . .who are more aware of themselves, each other and the environment, so that eco-systems can thrive.

Expanded South Africa is a boutique coaching and facilitation practice that helps you build your awareness and muscle by:

  • Helping you understand and expand how you see yourself, your team, your culture
  • Widening your perspectives
  • Building new possibilities

The more range you have in your identity and perspectives, the more agile, collaborative and creative you can be. As you see your patterns with greater curiosity and compassion, you have more freedom and choice as to how to respond, rather than defaulting to old patterns that no longer serve you.

Meet Kate Clayton

I’m an Integral coach and strategist with 30+ years of working with leaders, teams and organizational eco-systems building cultures, teams and leaders to deliver growth.

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Kate Clayton
what we offer

Expand your identity, perspectives and possibilities. . .

Individual Peacock Feather

For Individual Leaders

One-to-one leadership coaching focused on your specific needs.

Pair of Peacocks

For Groups

Growing leaders & teams to build cohesion, effectiveness & agency.

Peacock with expanded feathers

For Organisations

Codifying, socializing and leading culture for growth.

Our Approach

We bring a combination of safety and adventure to spark insights and shifts that move you forward in the best way for you.
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The more range we have, the more open we
are to other perspectives, and the more
possibilities we have access to.

What clients are saying

“Expanded South Africa has helped me understand myself better, develop new leadership muscles and in the process help me scale my business as a better leader. Kate has also helped my relatively new management team fast track our understanding of each other and our team effectiveness.”

Matt Surkont

CEO – Blue Sky

“On the back of significant challenges related to Covid, Expanded South Africa helped us build senior team cohesion and practical ways to grow strengths and isolate weaknesses. It has made the world of difference. The team is more supportive, collaborative, accountable, creative and transparent.”

Elouise Kelly

COO – Universal Music Group Africa

“Over the past several years Kate has been instrumental in helping our leadership team synthesise our company purpose, values and proposition. Together, we have created a coherent growth strategy that is aligned across our people, customers and shareholders. . .”

Brett van Aswegen

CEO – Wonga

Trusted by enterprise leaders