How we see ourselves influences how we show up. The more range we have, the more open we are to other perspectives, and the more possibilities we have access to.

Expanding your identity, perspectives and possibilities is best suited to people who are open to new ways and who are willing to experiment and try something new. We work with clients from many different sectors, types of organisations and geographies.

For Individuals

One-to-one leadership coaching focused on your specific needs.

One-to-one leadership coaching is focused around your specific needs, informed by what’s happening for you and feedback from leaders / peers in your context.

Usually, we start with a tranche of eight sessions every 2 weeks, which can be in-person in a location of your choosing in Cape Town, including coaching on the mountain or the beach, or online.

My preference is to begin coaching with a self-assessment (usually Enneagram and Leadership Maturity) as it offers an insightful window into how you see yourself. These assessments help us understand you better – motivations, superpowers, defences, areas for development and blind spots. The aim of this is not to put you in a box, rather to help you get out of a box, by offering a kind of psychological GPS. Together with input from your leaders / peers and your own experience, this helps guide where we focus.

A key part of the coaching is to help you develop a balcony perspective of what is happening in your world. With a different view, you can change your relationship with what is happening, grow your insight and often find often a more helpful way forward.

Typically, coaching focuses on:

  • Self-regulation and personal wellness
  • Transitions into new roles / businesses / sectors
  • Performance issues
  • Finding meaning and focus
  • Showing up with more wholeness
  • Leading in new ways e.g. with greater emotional intelligence and control, more strategically, with a broader mindset
  • Finding your purpose
  • Clarifying your vision and values
  • Navigating existential issues such as anxiety, death or endings, gender, race, freedom, responsibility
  • Developing more of a systems view
  • Cultivating a growth mindset
  • Building fitness to navigate complexity

For Groups

Growing leaders and teams to build cohesion, effectiveness and agency.

Developing groups of leaders

  • Leadership development is tailored to the group’s need and what will serve the organization to move forward. This may include:
    • Emotional intelligence, to enhance performance that comes from building relational muscle
    • Psychological safety, to support honest communication that generates greater innovation
    • Future fitness, to remain relevant as the world evolves
    • Complexity fitness, to navigate complexity with greater skill
  • Programmes are designed to create conditions for learning through:
    • Heat experiences / immersions
    • Colliding perspectives
    • Elevated sense-making
  • Programmes run from three to nine months or more and combine group sessions and experiences along with 1:1 coaching and peer group learning.

Engaging teams

Team sessions can be one-off or ongoing interventions, are tailored to what’s needed, and may include any of the following.

  • Team identity and cohesion:
    • Using individual and team assessments to understand who we are individually and as a team, including superpowers and blind spots
    • Co-creating a team alliance to help keep us on track and accountable
  • Team world:
    • Understanding our team culture, purpose and mandate and where we’re in flow and where we get stuck
    • Clarifying how to connect better with stakeholders, exploring dependencies and collaboration opportunities
  • Team effectiveness:
    • Understanding the condition of the team and managing our energy better towards optimal performance
    • Working with team dynamics and conflict
    • Team coaching around specific objectives
  • Team agency:
    • Growing the team’s capacity and maturity in needed areas e.g. emotional intelligence, psychological safety, courageous conversations, showing up to organizational culture, complexity fitness
    • Helping the team get unstuck and removing constraints and growing freedom and responsibility

For Organisations

Codifying, socializing and leading culture for growth.

Codifying culture

  • Codifying who we are – our culture or way of doing things – which is the source of our success i.e. our vision, purpose and values
  • Assessing and co-defining the culture shift we need to make
  • Clarifying our employee value proposition that aligns with our culture and keeps people engaged and retained

Socialising culture

  • Engaging people to understand, connect with and show up to our culture
  • Developing rituals that keep our culture alive
  • Embedding culture into our systems and ways of operating

Leading culture

  • Mapping out the role of leaders in building culture
  • Capacitating leaders to lead culture more effectively

“Our journey with Kate and Nicola – to develop and inculcate our new culture and grow our leadership team – has been remarkable. The impact of their work is absolutely transformational and our organisation continues to grow from strength to strength with culture at its core.”

Siegie Brownlee

Executive Director – Eduvos