The world continues to change unabated and is calling forward a new kind of leadership, where we are more aware of ourselves, each other and the environment, so that eco-systems can thrive. Expand.ed is a boutique coaching and facilitation practice that helps you build your awareness and muscle by:

  • Helping you understand and expand your identity (how you see yourself, your team, your culture)
  • Widening your perspectives
  • Building new possibilities

The more range you have in your identity and perspectives, the more agile, relational, collaborative and creative you can be. As you see your patterns with greater curiosity and compassion, you have more freedom and choice as to how to respond, rather than defaulting to old patterns that no longer serve you.

What we Offer

Expanding your identity, perspectives and possibilities is best suited to people who are open to new ways and who are willing to experiment and try something new.