This is a question I’m increasingly asked. Why do I do what I do?

I’m a believer in us human beings knowing our why, our purpose. It gives us meaning, significance and guidance – a north star with which to navigate our lives.

Finding purpose

Eckhart Tolle suggests that the purpose of human beings is to be present, as in paying full attention to our experience, to others, and to what is around us. For example, we’re not fully present if we’re only half listening when our child is sharing something and we’re simultaneously plugged into our phones or a to do list. When we’re fully present, we have a greater sense of aliveness, enjoyment, perspective and connection. 

I believe there is also a more specific purpose we each have beyond presence. This often emerges from our openness to work with our wounds and the superpower that then emerges plus the impact we want to create in the world. 

Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start with Why’, references a ‘formula’ for finding purpose as being a combination of the contribution we make to the world (our superpower) and the impact we’re trying to create. Purpose = contribution + impact. 

‘You’re not quite on your path,’ Baba Mandaza

I’ve walked quite a path over many years to find my purpose, my why. It’s been one of my biggest struggles. Just a few years ago I was blessed to be in the presence of Baba Mandaza, the African Seer, who offered me the wisdom that ‘you have many talents to bring to the world and you’re not bringing them fully. You’re not quite on your path.’ It was a light bulb moment and really resonated.

These days I often get feedback that I am living my purpose and I smile. It doesn’t just happen, it often takes some kind of grapple to find our paths. 

My purpose is to ‘juice the truth for greater expansion’

My greatest wound was that my truth was not being heard or valued (and of course my parents were trying their best). So the superpower I developed is ‘juicing the truth’ – digging into things, with myself and with others. Teasing truth out, adventuring, stretching, revealing, playing with … all ways that have been honed over the years, along with intuition and skill to keep it in the bounds of what is useful i.e. not going too far! (I also happen to love raw juicing so this word is right up there in my way of living.) 

The impact I aim to create is greater expansion, whatever that means for each of us. This comes through opening up possibilities by being heard and seen, feeling valuable, and finding greater truth.

This ‘juicing the truth for greater expansion’ fits very well with coaching and facilitation as an approach or skill. My work is an expression of living my purpose.

What I love about my work is:

  • Being able to dig into what matters with leaders. It’s a real privilege to drop into confidential exploration with leaders, who often don’t have safe spaces to enquire into what’s coming up for them and to be supported and stretched.
  • Identifying patterns and connecting dots. This is an expression of creativity and it’s really useful to understand what’s unconsciously influencing how we show up. 
  • Witnessing leaders make helpful shifts that have ripple effects. It’s inspiring to see leaders have more choices at their fingertips and experiment with new ways of being that serve them and others around them better. And when leaders change, they create ripples of change in the systems around them. 

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